Telehealth FAQ's

What is Telehealth

Telehealth or Telemedicine is the practice of providing clinical care to patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. In other words, it is a method of treating patients using the internet and telephone. This can take the form of real-time video visits, secure email, or remotely monitoring a patient’s vital signs.

What Is The Benefit of Telehealth Medicine?

There are three main beneficiaries of telemedicine:

Patients: Telemedicine gives patients the opportunity to receive care without a trip to the doctor’s office. They don’t have to take time away from work or family responsibilities. They don’t waste time traveling, or money on parking or public transportation. They don’t risk exposure to other patients with communicable illnesses. And they get better health outcomes and become more engaged in their own healthcare.

Providers: Video visits reduce the time of each encounter, allowing providers to see more patients, more efficiently. This boosts revenue and minimize overhead expenses. Telemedicine reduces no-shows and cancellations. It also helps secure patient loyalty in a competitive healthcare landscape.

The Healthcare System: Even if you never use telemedicine yourself, you will likely benefit from the practice. The efficiency of telemedicine will reduce wait-times for in-person visits, help keep people with non-urgent conditions out of the emergency room, and improve the overall health of the population.

What Kind of visit Do You Offer?

We offer basic Urgent Care visits, Men's Sexual Function, Women's Sexual Function, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) including Low T, Weight Loss, and we are adding more integrative and holistic medicine all the time!

Do You Take Insurance?

In many cases, yes. Many insurers voluntarily pay for telemedicine visits and 26 states have laws requiring them to do so. The laws vary, so it makes sense to learn more about the rules in the state where you live or practice.

Is Telehealth Private and Secure?

Yes, but only when it is conducted using an encrypted platform that was designed for the purpose. For this reason, when you sign up for an appointment with Serena Skinner, you will be taken to an encrypted secure telehealth site through a company called Face My Doc, and uses a booking tool from Cogsworth. Consumer apps like Facetime and Skype are not secure enough for video visits

Do You Do Labs or X-rays?

Yes. We are able to write orders that you can take to a local facility for x-rays or labs. Or if we are doing functional medicine testing we can have specialty kits sent directly to your door!

Do I Have To Make An Appointment?

While most people make an appointment it is not mandatory. If there is an appointment available online you can sign up and and be placed into a virtual waiting room fo rthe next opening.

Mindset Coaching FAQ's

What can a Magnetic Mindset Coach do for me?

A certified Magnetic Mindset coach can support you in finding your path within the complexity of underlying identities and self-sabotaging behaviors. We then improve individual outcomes using the Superconscious Recode method to help you unlock the true potential you deserve.

What is the Superconscious Magnetic Mind Rapid Recode?

Magnetic Mind works by creating a connection with your Superconscious genius and, teaches your brain how to create new connections as well as release lifelong beliefs and trauma.

In a nutshell, t is the bridge between the old world and the new, using neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics, neuroplasticity. It has modernized over 5,000-year-old ancient hermetic principles and is the fastest way to remove toxic emotions and limiting beliefs.

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

While you can feel improvement in even one session, it is recommended that you complete at least 12 months of coaching. This is because we have several different underlying identities and limiting beliefs that we are not going to be able to address everything in just a few sessions.

What are the 6 Sabotaging Identities



If you have ever felt one of these, then this program can help change your life for the better.

How much time do I need to commit to each week?

Each coaching session is approximately an hour long. This will include the actual coaching portion and the guided Super Conscious Rapid Recode.

It is recommended to participate in session each week, either live or on a replay. It is also recommended to complete your daily "Lenses" worksheet daily. This can be done in as little as 5-10 minutes.

What happens if I miss a live recode?

We get it. Life happens. No worries if you miss a live session in the group coaching. Each coaching session is recorded and available to watch in the Members Only portal or on the private Facebook group.

What is the benefit of 1:1 coaching?

The option for 1:1 coaching provides you with dedicated approach in with intensive coaching to guide you to creating your dream life with more clarity and results. It is designed to be completed in 12 weeks with personal coaching session weekly in addition to the group coaching sessions and resources.