The Sex Goddess Diaries

To become a Sex Goddess, it takes more than just knowing sexy stuff. It requires an understanding of the power of what being a divine goddess is. It entails how to be a woman who is comfortable in herself as an individual and in her own skin and sexuality. It’s a power that’s in all women, too often lying dormant due to fear, shame, embarrassment, or societal expectations. In the Sex Goddess Diaries, you will learn how to dive deeper into unspoken levels of sexuality, power, and self-love in raw and enticing ways. With an exploration of different levels of sexuality, guided by a certified sexologist, to bring an enhanced level of sexual self-awareness. The Sex Goddess Diaries, and the accompanying digital workbook, will guide you and help you delve into the realm of your sexuality and power. What are you waiting for?

Explore. Surrender. Embrace your inner Sex Goddess.

The Art of Erotic Massage

The Art of Erotic Massage, written by Serena Skinner a Clinical Sexologist, guides you through a sensual journey of intimacy and erotic exploration, providing the perfect date-night activity for lovers. This e-book is available for immediate download allowing you to have instant access to this sensual guide. As with any sexual experience, the setting and the ambiance are such an important aspect. The Art of Erotic Massage will walk you through this step so you don’t miss anything. You will also explore new areas of the body and find your partner's erogenous zones. A list of both common and uncommon erogenous zones is provided. You will learn eight kinds of different touch that can be used in erotic massage, for a fully sensual experience. Not only do we cover general massage techniques for the body, but go in-depth with step-by-step instructions on how to perform an exquisite pussy or penis massage leading to the grand finale, The Happy Ending.

Powerhouse Women: Dream to Succeed

Women who build their dreams, one baby step at a time.

Across the world, everyday women are creating a movement as they decide to consciously and actively build their dreams. No longer are they continuing along a path of self-doubt or falling victim to circumstance; they are awakening with renewed energy and the knowledge that they can do, be and have all they ever dreamed of—and there are no limits.

These women have navigated highs and lows, trauma and difficulty, pain and heartache, but never have they allowed these obstacles to deter them from their path.

They’ve each been determined to up-level and become high-achievers and in their pursuit of ‘more than, they’ve become Powerhouse Women.

“Powerhouse Women: Dream to Succeed” introduces you to 13 incredible entrepreneurial women, each with their own story, each on their own unique journey—but they all have one thing in common: they consistently take action, moving from merely Dreaming to Succeeding—and they want to encourage other women (those who dream) to step into their power and become all they’ve ever dared to imagine.

Inspiring and empowering, “Powerhouse Women: Dream to Succeed” will show you there are no limits if only we decide to step into our power.

Thirty-Seven Questions

This e-workbook is designed for couples who are looking to increase intimacy, understanding, and communication. Questions are formatted to cover sex, emotional needs, evaluating strengths as a couple and so much more. The workbook includes additional activities for expressing love and learning to communicate more effectively in a way that builds the relationship up.